Announcement of Virtual CBT-i Group Starting: April 8, 2021

Dr. Syb Pongracic will be offering an 8-week virtual (online) program to assist individuals with complaints of primary insomnia.   

Group date: Thursday, April 8, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

Contact: or 905-826-7400 

This group therapy program is structured to provide psychoeducation on the cause and maintenance factors of insomnia and recommendations.    

Clients Learn how to  

  • get more efficient sleep through behavioural changes (which is different from sleep hygiene) to improve fatigue, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and concentration problems to get good night’s sleep 
  • How negative thoughts and behaviours may worsen insomnia 
  • Become less dependent on sleep medications 
  • Consultations with Dr. Pongracic are available throughout the program 

Cost is $800, maybe be eligible for claims through employer’s extended health benefits if clients  

Week 1  
CBT Model of Insomnia,
Sleep Diary   
 Week 5 
Adjust Sleep Prescription, Sleep Beliefs   
Week 2 
Circadian Sleep System, 
Sleepy Cues 
 Week 6 
Cognitive Strategies,
Thought records    
Week 3
Homeostatic Sleep System, 
Begin new Sleep schedule    
 Week 7 
Cognitive Strategies,
Worry strategies    
Week 4 
Psychological Sleep,
System Safety behaviours & Sleep Beliefs   
 Week 8
Relapse prevention,
Future planning