CBT for Insomnia & Wellbeing

Cognitive-behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) is the most effective, research-based clinical treatment for insomnia.

Insomnia symptoms include

  1.  Difficulty falling asleep
  2.  Difficulty staying asleep
  3. Waking up too early or frequently

Consequences are fatigue, irritability, loss of focus/concentration and energy, worry, anxiety, depression, and impairment at work or in relationships.  CBT-i produces long-term results that are unmatched by sleep medications or other forms of treatment.

CBT-i works by making behavioural changes that improve the biological sleep systems.  CBT-i first involves understanding the biology of sleep and the factors that contribute to and maintain insomnia.  Using CBT-i principles, recommendations for changes in sleep times, behaviours and thoughts that disrupt or delay sleep can lead to significant improvements in insomnia.  Habits that are counter-productive to sleep (e.g., consuming too much caffeine, irregular sleep patterns, etc.), as well as worry and anxiety, play a large role in disrupting the natural sleep cycle.  Strategies are implemented on the first session to help improve the quality of sleep, fatigue, and coping abilities.

CBT-i can help restore your confidence and ability to sleep restfully.

CBT-i treatment may be covered by employer health insurance or benefits plan (extended health) and is tax-deductible.

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